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What will Pro Speaker YOU do for me?

PSY logoPro Speaker YOU is a website devoted to professional speaking. But more than that, it’s a site created especially for beginning and aspiring pro speakers.

So if you’re a beginning pro speaker – or you’ve ever wondered if you could get paid to speak – then Pro Speaker YOU is here to help!

What is PS-YOU's “Free Stuff”? Is it any good? Is it really free?

Pro Speaker YOU’s Free Stuff is an eclectic collection of resources – including lists, checklists, quizzes, assessments, articles and more – all with the common goal of supporting aspiring or beginning pro speakers.

And I’m not foolin’ — PS-YOU’s Free Stuff is free! There’s no charge or even a registration requirement. Anyone can access the material in Free Stuff, at no cost or obligation.

But there’s no structure to Free Stuff. For those people who are really serious about becoming a speaking professional, there’s the Journey from Free to Fee. The Journey explores the road you need to travel so that you can move from speaking for free to speaking for fee!

Get paid to speak your mind! Check out the Journey today!

Just what is the "Journey from Free to Fee"?

Pro Speaker YOU’s Journey from Free to Fee is a 16-step strategic program which guides you in launching a successful career as a professional speaker. Each step (“Quest”) is devoted to one specific topic and consists of about a dozen short (5 – 10 minutes each) videos, where each video explores one specific aspect of that topic in depth. You can explore all 16 Quests in more detail here.

someone signing a contractEach Quest has its own forum associated with it so you can exchange ideas with your fellow travelers. Each Quest also provides you with whatever support material is appropriate to the Quest’s topic. (For example, the Get it in Writing… or Get it Wrong Quest also comes with several speaker’s contracts which you can customize to meet your own needs.)

How do I use the "Journey from Free to Fee"?

game piece on square one of boardAs a Journey from Free to Fee member, you get access to 2 Quests each week, so the entire 16-Quest program (obviously) lasts for 8 weeks. (When you join, you immediately get access to the first Quest, Starting Your Pro Speaker’s Business. No waiting around for class to begin.)

Each Quest consists of about a dozen short videos, each focusing on a particular topic. You can watch each video whenever you want, and review it as frequently as you want, as many times as you want.

Each Quest has a dedicated forum (called a “Member Exchange”) in which you can ask questions and share ideas with other members.

In short, there’s no schedule for you to follow, or homework for you to turn in for grading, or exams to pass – you’re an adult, and Pro Speaker YOU treats you like one. This is self-learning, pure and simple. You focus on the topics that are important to you. You progress as fast as it’s comfortable for you.

What does the "Journey from Free to Fee" program cost?

Good question.

The core Journey from Free to Fee program costs $129 for the full 8-week, 16-Quest program. This gives you access to over 20 hours of video training, all necessary support resources, and unlimited access to the Public Exchanges where you can ask questions and receive guidance.

There are two other levels of the Journey for people who want more personalized guidance — Journeying with Jim (which provides you with the core program plus private written guidance) and Zooming Along with Jim (which adds 90 minutes of Zoom consultation to Journeying with Jim). You can find more information about all 3 Journey programs here.)

Important note — $129 is the regular fee, but you might have a discount in effect at this time. Check the “Not-so-frequently Asked Questions”.)

What if I can't complete the program in 8 weeks?

Not a problem! Once you’ve completed the 8-week program, you can extend your membership – giving you full access to all the videos in all 16 Quests, plus all the support material, plus access to all 16 Exchanges (forums), plus access to any new material which is added to any of the Quests in the program – for $9 a month for as long as you want.

Of course, extending your membership is completely optional, and you can stop your membership whenever you want.

So... joining the Journey from Free to Fee is all I need to become a successful pro speaker, right?

Are you kidding me?

You can’t become a lawyer, or a surgeon, or any other skilled professional for a little over a hundred bucks and a few hours of your time. It just isn’t possible. And a professional speaker is a skilled professional too. It typically takes months or years to build a successful career as a pro speaker. So, no, the Journey alone simply cannot turn you into a professional speaker.

So what will the Journey from Free to Fee do for you?

    1. If you’re not absolutely sure that a career as a professional speaker is right for you, the Journey allows you to “test the waters” without making a major commitment in money and time.
    1. And when you are sure that you want to be a pro speaker, the Journey will –
    • give you a head start on your new career – quickly, conveniently, and without busting your budget!
    • help you build a solid foundation for a successful speaking career.
    • shave months off your learning curve, and so give you an advantage over those aspiring speakers who are learning how to do it at the School of Hard Knocks.
    • help you to avoid some costly, possibly career-ending, blunders.

So to be clear, the Journey from Free to Fee will not, by itself, turn you into a platform professional. (But it will get you off to a good start.)

When can I join the "Journey from Free to Fee"?

I’m putting the finishing touches on Pro Speaker YOU, and the Grand Opening for all three of the Journeys will happen soon. Until then, feel free to look around. (And you can start browsing through Pro Speaker YOU’s Free Stuff now.)

And then once we formally open….

Since the Journey from Free to Fee operates on your schedule, you don’t have to wait for class to begin. It’s easy to get started – just create your membership (it takes about a minute), and you get full access to all the videos in the first Quest, Starting Your Pro Speaker’s Business, immediately!

Think about it! You’re only 1 minute away from making your dream come true! Isn’t it time to turn the question “Pro speaker? You?” into the declaration “Pro Speaker YOU!!!“?

Don’t delay. Join today!


(Not So Frequently Asked Questions)

I want extra help. Can I get it?

The Journey From Free to Fee is designed to get you started on your speaking career, without busting your budget.

But if you want more help, we also offer the “Journey with Jim” and “Zooming Along with Jim” options:

  • Journey with Jim provides exactly the same benefits as the Journey From Free to Fee, but you also can ask unlimited written questions and receive personal, private written responses. (You can ask unlimited questions in the Journey From Free to Fee, but they’re all in the Member Exchanges, so your questions – and their answers – are visible to all the members. Journey with Jim provides you privacy in your correspondence.)
  • Like Journey with Jim, Zooming Along with Jim provides exactly the same benefits as the Journey From Free to Fee and you can ask unlimited written questions and receive private written responses… but you also receive 90 minutes of one-on-one personal guidance (via Zoom) for those questions that call for a longer explanation.

Do I have to use my entire 90 minutes of one-on-one Zoom time at once?

Of course not. I do ask that each individual session be at least 20 minutes. But you can break up your 90 total minutes however you want, as long as each session is at least 15 minutes.

When can I schedule my call?

Zoom conferences are held at our mutual convenience. You can request your first Zoom session anytime after you’ve completed your 2nd week of membership.

Are there any alternatives to Pro Speaker YOU?

You bet!

For one, there’s the traditional School of Hard Knocks (also known as learning-by-making-mistakes). It doesn’t cost anything up-front, but in the long run it’s expensive, time-consuming, and very rough on the ego. But it’s also effective… if you survive until graduation.

Another option is the Bill Gove Speaker Academy. They’ve been around for years and have an impressive list of successful graduates. (Transparency statement: I am an affiliate of the Bill Gove Speaker Academy, but that’s not why I’m recommending them. I’m recommending them because they’re good.) It’s rather expensive and requires travel to Atlanta, but in my opinion Bill Gove was one of the greatest professional speakers that ever lived and the Academy is well worth the money.

There are some other options out there, and I’ll add them later.

Do you offer a guarantee?

If you’re asking if PSY guarantees that you’ll be a successful professional speaker, I’m sorry but the answer is “no”.

In the entrepreneurial world, there are no guarantees. Not with speaking, not with anything else. Whether or not you succeed as a professional speaker is largely up to you… how hard you work, how long you work, but mostly how smart you work.

But if you’re asking if Pro Speaker YOU guarantees your satisfaction with your program, the answer is “yes”. Give any of the Journeys (Journey From Free to Fee, Journey with Jim, or Zooming Along with Jim) a try for 2 weeks – that’ll give you full access to the first 4 Quests – and if you decide that it’s not for you, just cancel your membership and we’ll refund your fee in full, no questions asked.

Do you offer any sort of discount?

Everyone likes to save money, and Pro Speaker YOU does offer special deals from time to time. Check here for our Special Offers. Who knows? Maybe this is your lucky day!

I'm curious. Just who is Jim Barber?

Jim resting on TEDx signJim is the creator of Pro Speaker YOU and is your main guide on your Journey from Free to Fee (although you’ll also have guest guides from time to time along the way).

You’re going to see a lot of him in the coming weeks, but here’s some more information about Jim if you just can’t wait.