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About QuIPSS

About QuIPSS

What is QuIPSS?

QuIPSS — Quotations, Information Points, Soundbites, and Snippets — are what the thought leaders of today are saying about today’s challenges.

Despite what you may have heard, Abraham Lincoln did not have an opinion on the Internet. And Leonardo da Vinci did not talk about the evils of social media.

It’s the leaders and shakers of today who are talking about today’s opportunities and today’s challenges — and QuIPSS is where you’ll find what they’re saying!

Do you want to be quoted in QuIPSS?

If you want other people to quote you — instead of Albert Einstein, Helen Keller, or Thomas Jefferson — then you need to have your “pearls of wisdom” listed in QuIPSS!

And that’s easy to do! By becoming a member of Pro Speaker You, you can make your own brilliant insights available to speakers and authors worldwide. It’s a fantastic promotional opportunity!

And you can quote me on that.