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The first item, labeled “Journey from Free to Fee program”, is a link to your own personal From-Me-to-You Page on which I can post resources which I think you’ll be interested in, or which I’ve prepared exclusively for you.

This page is private and no one else can see your personal page!

Following your personal page are all the Quests in the Journey from Free to Fee that are currently available to you. (New Quests are made available to you throughout your 2-month membership, so the number of Quests that you’ll see in this list grows as you progress on your journey.)

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And here are your other important resources:

    • Your Online Mastermind Group Summary Page starts with information about when the next OMG is going to be held, and also contains links to all the past OMGs that have been archived so that you can explore them at your convenience.
    • Don't forget about Pro Speaker YOU's Free Stuff, where you'll find free resources about making the move from free to fee. Free Stuff is available to non-members too (but it's still good information!)
    • 's membership account is where you can check your membership status, change your password, cancel your membership, etc.
    • Contact Pro Speaker YOU is where you can contact someone at Pro Speaker YOU about administrative stuff.
    • And finally, if you're on a public computer and you want to protect your account from hackers and other ne'er-do-wells, it's a good idea to Log Out when you're finished with your session.

, I've been speaking professionally for over 40 years now, and I've loved every day of it. I'm delighted you're exploring the same career path, and I wish you every success on your own journey from "free" to "fee"!

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Chief Honcho at Pro Speaker YOU
Your Guide on your Journey From Free to Fee