Pro Speaker You — Make a Living, Make a Difference, Have Fun Doing It!

Depending on at which level you join, membership in Pro Speaker You provides you with:

  • one or more promotional entries in Finders Speakers
  • one or more media statements in QuIPSS
  • one or more sales ads in Stuff 4 Speakers (Pros or Rock Stars only)
  • listing in the Referrals Registry (Pros or Rock Stars only)

Simply choose which membership level is right for your particular speaking business!

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Absolutely not. Pro Speaker You is for all levels of pro speakers, from beginners to experienced professionals. (Even aspiring pros who want to get started quickly are welcome at PSY.) We don’t put any requirements on your joining regarding income or minimum number of speaking engagements.

However, there are two restrictions:

  1. We do require that members adhere to our community guidelines, which basically say that you use PSY’s capabilities to promote your speaking business, and not for any other purpose. (Your membership will be revoked for violating this basic rule.)
  2. For logistical reasons, membership at the Rock Star level is limited at this time to 99 members. After that point, anyone wishing to join at the Rock Star level can join at the Pro level and will be wait-listed.

In other words, as long as you “play nice with others” and use PSY’s capabilities to advance your speaking business, you’re most welcome at Pro Speaker You.

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Pro Speaker You is based on the idea that you can have effective marketing without busting your budget. Consequently, we have 3 membership levels so that you can get the marketing and positioning capabilities that you need, without paying for a lot of capabilities that you don’t need.

The Rising Star level is for aspiring or beginning pro speakers (or for any pro speaker who is operating on a limited budget). When you join at this level, you get the basic marketing capabilities that enable you to move your business to new levels of profitability.

The Pro membership level, as the name implies, is for experienced and established professional speakers. You get all the marketing capabilities that Pro Speaker You offers.

When you join at the Rock Star membership level, you also get all the marketing capabilities that Pro Speaker You offers… but you get even more of them! Most pro speakers don’t need all the capabilities offered at this level, but if you do, sign up! (Note: for logistical reasons, there are currently a maximum of 99 Rock Star memberships available. When they’re all taken, aspiring Rock Stars will be wait-listed.)