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Referrals Registry

Referrals Registry

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Note: the data in the Referrals Registry is for informational purposes only. Pro Speaker You does not guarantee the accuracy of any of the data shown, and it is the responsibility of the user to verify the listed information. Referrals are listed as a convenience to the user and Pro Speaker You does not specifically recommend any of the listed speakers. So go sue somebody else.

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Jimbo Barber

Jimbo Barber

Target Audience Jim Barber fanatics

Fee Range at least $10 -- I'm cheap, but not free

Travel Area Continental US only

Topics of Expertise Artificial Intelligence, AI

Presentation Types Keynotes, workshops

Languages Bad English

Rex Mons

Rex Mons

Target Audience seekers of truth

Fee Range $5K+

Travel Area Florida only

Topics of Expertise AI

Presentation Types keynotes

Languages Baad English