Linda Sherwin

Making your business stage-worthy

All the Workplace is a Stage:
Acting Techniques to Create
Award-Winning Business

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Wolf Liebertz

Wolf Liebertz

Home Care
for Your Loved Ones

Wolf Liebertz, owner of One You Love Homecare Boca Raton, focuses on giving back to his community and providing the care he witnessed his Mom receiving, but doing so in the comfort of the client’s home.

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Linda Sauget

Thought Precedes Results

“The greatest thinkers, teachers, and philosophers all agree on one important lesson: our thoughts create our life. What we think about, comes about.”

– Linda Sauget

Linda Sauget

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Jim Barber

The AI Apocalypse is Coming!

Don't Just Survive...

The equation for the future is “AI + HI = UP”. That is, Artificial Intelligence combined with Human Insight yields Unlimited Possibilities!

You already have access to your own Human Insight, an intelligence far more powerful than any AI. But if you don’t know how to use it, nothing happens.

Jim Barber is an HI Prompt Engineer. He will show you how to tap your inner insights and achieve your own unlimited possibilities!

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Lona Fink

Everyone needs a Fink!

Lona Fink is passionate about connecting everyone to the people and resources needed to achieve their objectives, both professionally and personally.

For over 27 years, her focus has been on building and maintaining close relationships with her customers, partners, and internal teams!

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Price Polynice

Price Polynice will take your business to the next level!

Price is a proud veteran of the United States Navy and holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with an Executive Certificate in Project Management. He is also a TEDx Speaker Coach and Workshop Coach, sharing his expertise and knowledge to empower others.

He is a sought-after workshop presenter, who shares his insights and expertise on a wide range of topics. His passion is to be of service to others, helping them to achieve their goals and make a positive impact.

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CeCe Espeut

Believe in Yourself

Be the Best
You Can Be

When CeCe takes the stage as a speaker, her passion for her work is evident. She speaks about Imposter Syndrome, Storytelling, and 2nd Chances — topics that may not seem to be related, but all deal with the stories we tell ourselves and our beliefs.

With humor and candor, she draws from her own experiences to deliver messages of hope and resilience.

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Carolyn Stein

Believe in Yourself

Have an Impact!

Why watch life pass you by when you can have an impact? An impact on others and on yourself!

As a producer in the film industry, Carolyn created industrial training videos and television commercials. In 1983 she moved from Michigan to Florida and began presenting her inter-active high energy training programs on Professional Development and Leadership to audiences throughout the United States, Canada, Southeast Asia, China and New Zealand. Carolyn is the author of “Make An Impact, Use It or Lose It”.

As past president of the Florida Speakers Association she was awarded The Lifetime Achievement Award. Carolyn is an Intrepid traveler. She has circled the globe twice and recently returned from an expedition to Antarctica. For 20 years, Carolyn was a caregiver for her husband with Parkinson’s Disease. During that time Carolyn became very active in numerous Parkinson’s support groups, was interviewed by Neurology Now Magazine and The Parkinsons Foundation.

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Deborah Brown

Deborah Brown

Relationship Expert

Deborah Brown, the Relationship Explorer, is on a mission to turn life and relationships into the most exhilarating journey you’ve ever experienced.

Deborah is a certified coach, speaker, author and trainer with a passion for travel. As a firm believer that laughter is the best medicine, she is here to sprinkle a little fun on the path to personal and relationship growth. As your partner in creating an adventure-filled route to improvement, Deborah develops simple communication and action strategies for maximum impact.

She helps her clients create their best expression of themselves so they can show up powerfully, confidently and authentically in both their personal and professional lives. Deborah believes that life and relationships can be like a roller coaster and she is simply here to help you enjoy the ride.

Deb Brown

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Jim Barber

Jim Barber

will help you survive– and hopefully thrive – during the

AI Apocalypse

AI: Friend or Foe?

Artificial Intelligence will transform your life... and our society. Whether or not the transformation is a good one depends on you!

The key to Surviving AI

The way to survive the AI Apocalypse is simple -- do the things that AI cannot do.

AI + HI = UP

The equation which defines your future is "Artificial Intelligence + Human Intuition = Unlimited Possibilities"!

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