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Why watch life pass you by when you can have an impact? An impact on others and on yourself!

As a producer in the film industry, Carolyn created industrial training videos and television commercials. In 1983 she moved from Michigan to Florida and began presenting her inter-active high energy training programs on Professional Development and Leadership to audiences throughout the United States, Canada, Southeast Asia, China and New Zealand. Carolyn is the author of “Make An Impact, Use It or Lose It”.

As past president of the Florida Speakers Association she was awarded The Lifetime Achievement Award. Carolyn is an Intrepid traveler. She has circled the globe twice and recently returned from an expedition to Antarctica. For 20 years, Carolyn was a caregiver for her husband with Parkinson’s Disease. During that time Carolyn became very active in numerous Parkinson’s support groups, was interviewed by Neurology Now Magazine and The Parkinsons Foundation.

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