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Finders Speakers' Keepers

Finders Speakers' Keepers

In a unique alliance with
Finders Speakers and Wordz of Wisdom….

Finders Speakers' Keepers

Pro Speaker You!

Pro Speaker You supports and encourages the careers of professional speakers around the world!

The Pro Speaker You Career Enrichment Center supports your career as a speaking professional in a number of ways, including…

Career Growth

The speaking industry is in chaos… and it’s only going to get worse.

So whether you’re a  beginning speaker or an established professional with years of experience, it’s vital that you stay on top of all the changes that are occurring in the speaking industry.

The Career Growth component of Pro Speaker YOU is a treasure trove of resources designed to help you advance your pro speaking career to the next level.

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It’s true! More pro speakers lose sleep over marketing worries than any of their other career challenges.

Pro Speaker You promotes your business by providing  your own personal entries in both the Finders Speakers Directory of Speakers and the Wordz of Wisdom Treasury of QuIPS (Quotations, Information Points, and Sound bites).

In Finders Speakers, you’ll promote your keynotes, training programs, and your products and services through custom-designed, full-page promotional statements.

And in Wordz of Wisdom, you’ll position yourself as the authority in your field by listing your most quotable quotes and sound bites. And soon you’ll have other people quoting you!

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Let’s face it — pro speaking can be a very lonely business.

But it doesn’t have to be. Your membership in Pro Speaker You helps you engage with other professionals in this exciting industry.

In the Community Forums, you can share your questions and challenges, triumphs and successes with other people who understand the unique challenges that pro speakers face!

And you can interact with other pro speakers from around the world in PSY’s OMGs – Online Mastermind Groups!

Professional speaking is fun… but like most things, it’s a lot better when you’re sharing the fun with others. Become part of the Pro Speaker You community today!

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Pro Speaker You Serves YOU!

Pro Speaker You serves the needs of professional speakers… like YOU!

These speakers have already discovered the benefits of membership in Pro Speaker You. Why don’t you join them?