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In what direction do you want to take your career?

Pro Speaker YOU focuses on 3 areas that are vital to every pro speaker’s career: Growth, Promotion, and Community. (Some services are available to anyone; to access other services, you must be a Pro Speaker YOU member.)

  • Growth — The Growth component is a treasure trove of resources designed to move your pro speaking career to the next level.
  • Community — pro speaking can be a lonely business, but you can engage with others in this exciting industry here in the PSY Community. You can also access the PSY Member Directory.
  • Promotion — marketing is arguably the biggest concern of most pro speakers. Promotional capabilities offered by Pro Speaker YOU include managing your entries in the Finders Speakers Directory of Speakers, managing your QuIPS (quotes, information points, and soundbites) in the Wordz of Wisdom repository of quotations, and managing your own ads targeting professional speakers themselves.

If you’re already a member of PSYOU (or you want to join in the excitement), then you also need:

  • Account Management — this is where you can manage your membership (if you’re a member of Pro Speaker YOU), or join the excitement of PSYOU (if you’re not yet a member).