Leadership isn't about personal power.
A true leader empowers others.
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Don't just sit there... Make an Impact!
Carolyn Stein
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Artificial Intelligence


Human In-sight is far more powerful than Artificial Intelligence can ever be!

about Jim

Survive the AI Apocalypse!

Jim Barber believes the AI Apocalypse doesn’t have to be a disaster – rather, it offers us unprecedented opportunities for success!

The AI Apocalypse is coming! It can’t be stopped, but it can be used.

Don’t be a victim, be a victor!

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A better me makes a better "we"!
Deborah Brown
Relationships Explorer

Deborah Brown

Deborah Brown, the Relationship Explorer, will turn your life and relationships into the most exhilarating journey you’ve ever experienced!

Deb Brown


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Imposter Syndrome

Don't be a pale imitation!
Be authentic!
Be you!
CeCe Espeut
Self-awareness Coach

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Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence and Natural Ingenuity is an unbeatable combination!
Jim Barber, the man
Jim Barber
NI Advocate