Rock Star Membership in Pro Speaker YOU is ideal for experienced professional speakers who also provide services and resources to other pro speakers! Rock Star members get:

  1. Full access to all the resources in the Growth component AND the ability to position themselves as experts by adding their own content to the Growth component.
  2. Seven (7) PromoPages to promote themselves in Finders Speakers and fifteen (20) QuIPS to promote themselves in Wordz of Wisdom.
  3. A greatly expanded member profile, the ability to interact in any of the Community forums, the ability to create new forums, affiliate status so that they can earn money by referring Pro Speaker YOU to other pro speakers, AND the ability to promote their products and services to other speaking pros through eight (8) PromoAds which are displayed throughout Pro Speaker YOU to both members and visitors alike.

ROCK STAR membership is limited to 25 members! After 25 Rock Stars have joined Pro Speaker YOU, future applicants will go on a wait-list for the next opening.