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Finders Speakers is an essential marketing tool for every professional speaker, regardless of experience level.

Here’s why —

It’s sad, but true. Many speakers’ directories charge a commission. You pay them 20%, 30%, or more of your speaking fee! Is that fair? You do the speaking, and they collect the money!

But when you snag a client through Finders Speakers, Finders does not charge a commission – you keep every penny of your speaking fee!

It’s only fair that you should keep 100% of your speaking fee. After all, you earned it!

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Can you believe it? Some speakers’ directories don’t allow you to communicate directly with your prospective clients. They’re your prospects, but you’re not allowed to talk to them!

That’s not true with Finders Speakers. When an event planner finds you on Finders and wants to get in touch with you, all communication is between you and your client — Finders Speakers doesn’t get involved at all!

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Your uniqueness is arguably your most valuable asset, so why should your directory entry look like everyone else’s? Every entry in Finders Speakers is completely customizable, so your entries will be as unique as you are!

And it’s easy to update your entry, whenever you want, as often as you want, as many times as you want!

Don’t settle for cookie-cutter directory entries — celebrate your uniqueness and profit from it!

Most speakers’ directory entries are not only cookie-cutter (so that your entry looks like everybody else’s, they limit the number of words (or characters) you can have in your description, and they limit your images to a single mugshot. (Maybe they’ll let you include a video. Maybe.)

But not with Finders Speakers! You’re not limited on the number of words (or characters or photographs or videos or pretty much anything else) in each of your entries, so your entry in Finders is virtually unlimited in size!

On the other hand, you don’t have to cram everything into a single Finders’ entry because….

Almost all speakers’ directories limit you to a single entry, with which you’re expected to promote everything in your business — your speeches, your resources, your services, and so on. That’s crazy!

But as you’ve probably guessed, not with Finders Speakers! With most membership levels of Pro Speaker You, you can have multiple Finders’ entries! So, for example, you can have one entry for your keynote, another totally separate entry for your training program, a third entry to promote your consulting service, and a fourth entry to promote your best-selling book!

And you only get what you need. Since the number of entries that you can work with is determined by your membership level in Pro Speaker You, Finders Speakers has marketing opportunities for speakers at all stages of their careers, from eager beginner to established pros.

Of course, you want people to be able to get in touch with you. But as everybody knows, putting your email address on the Internet is asking for real trouble! What can you do?

Each Finders Speakers entry has a built-in contact form, so meeting planners who want to hire you can contact you… but your email address is never revealed to evil doers and ne’er-do-wells!

And since each Finders’ entry has its own individual contact form, you can easily keep inquiries about your products separate from inquiries about your keynotes, for example.

With Finders Speakers, you control your emails. Your emails don’t control you!

Most speakers’ directories promote your speaking business nationally (or worse yet, even smaller areas). That’s limiting — event professionals around the world are looking for you!

Finders Speakers promotes speakers world-wide, making it easier for you to market yourself to anyone in the world.

Of course, this is essential if you want to speak internationally. But even if you don’t want to travel abroad, on-line speaking and training is growing in popularity. And if you’re going to cash in on this speaking trend, you need to market yourself around the world!

Of course, sometimes meeting pros want to hire a local speaker. In that case….

blurry map of europe

Sometimes meeting professionals want to hire a local speaker (possibly to save on travel costs). Because you can specify where you’re traveling from on your Finders’ entry, meeting planners can easily find you when they’re looking for local speakers for their events.

But what if you’re traveling from one location, and shipping product from someplace hundreds or thousands of miles from there? Because each Finders’ entry has a separate “travel from” location, Finders’ multiple-entry capability comes to the rescue!

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What are you waiting for? Here are a few of the speakers in Finders Speakers who are already promoting themselves to meeting planners right now! (Want to be one of them? Join Pro Speaker You!)

How much will your career gain by being listed in Finders Speakers? Join Pro Speaker You today!