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Moving from speaking for free to speaking for fee is the greatest journey you can undertake!

The Journey From Free to Fee is your guide to moving from “speaking for free” to “speaking for fee”. The Journey section of Pro Speaker You is composed of two parts —

Getting Ready

“Get Ready for the Journey” is pretty self-descriptive. “Getting Ready” is composed of a variety of resources, all designed to prepare you to make the move from “speaking for free” to “speaking for fee”.

“Getting Ready” is not a training program. Rather, it’s simply a collection of helpful resources — some downloadable special reports, a few web pages that you can browse, and a number of YouTube videos. You can check out the resources in “Getting Ready” in whatever order that suits you.

The resources in “Getting Ready” are designed for people who aren’t sure that they want to make the commitment to becoming a professional speaker. Consequently, everything is “Getting Ready” is completely free — no cost or commitment of any kind is needed!

Then, when you do decide that a career as a professional speaker is for you, then you should consider —

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Unlike “Getting Ready”, The Speaking Adventure is a training program, but it’s nothing like a traditional training program.

The Speaking Adventure is a 16-step (each step is called a Quest) program, where each Quest addresses a specific topic on the process of moving from speaking for the fun of it, to speaking for money.

The Speaking Adventure is available to all members of Pro Speaker You at all levels of membership. Depending on your experience level, you might not need much of The Adventure. (You might not need it at all.) But it’s available to you as part of your membership in Pro Speaker You.

So if you’re undecided about becoming a Pro Speaker, check out the “Getting Ready” resources – there’s no commitment needed.

And if you have decided that a career as a professional speaker is right for you, then you definitely need to join Pro Speaker You and start making your dreams come true!

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