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Make a Living,
Make a Difference, and
Have Fun Doing It!

If you’re a professional speaker (or you want to be a speaking professional), you need Pro Speaker You! Here’s why —

People who hire speakers are looking for you! And with Finders Speakers’s unique affiliation with Pro Speaker You, you can have multiple entries promoting your speeches, your resources, and your services… around the world.

Don’t want to go through airports? Each entry also has a “travels from” location identifier, so event professionals who are looking for local speakers can easily find you.

Finders Speakers is far more than an ordinary speakers directory. Learn more about Finders Speakers here.

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QuIPSS (Quotations, Information Points, Soundbites, and Snippets) is a collection of the insights of today’s movers and shakers. This means that you can position yourself as the authority in your field by listing your own “words of wisdom” in QuIPSS!

But QuIPSS is more than just a database of quotations from today’s authorities (like you). Each quotation or soundbite is associated with a full-page “back story”, in which you can elaborate on your quotation, tell something about yourself, and even link to other resources!

QuIPSS is the best way to get other people quoting you, and your membership in Pro Speaker You gives you multiple opportunities to be quoted. Learn more about QuIPSS.

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Do you have products or services that speakers (either pro or public) need or want? Rather than advertising your resources to the general public and hoping the right people see them, how’d you like to promote your wares directly to… (are you ready?) speakers!

That’s what Stuff 4 Speakers is all about, and you can advertise your services and products in Stuff 4 Speakers through your membership in Pro Speaker You!

If you have a Stripe account, you can even sell your stuff right from your Stuff 4 Speakers page! Otherwise, you can direct them to your website where you handle all the sales — no middleman coming between you and your profits!

Several levels of Pro Speaker You give you the ability to promote your stuff in Stuff 4 Speakers. Learn more about Stuff 4 Speakers here!

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It’s sad but true — sometimes a speaker can’t accept a speaking engagement. Maybe they’ve already got something scheduled for that date. Or maybe they’re not in their client’s budget. Or maybe they’re just not the right speaker for that audience.

Whatever the reason, a true professional hates to tell their prospect or client “no”. But what’s their alternative? Instead of telling them “no”, they say “I can’t do it [for whatever reason], but I can recommend someone who can.” That’s how experienced professionals keep their clients happy!

Where can they find speakers who they can recommend? The Pro Speaker You Referrals Registry is a private directory of speakers, and any one of them might just be the speaker they need!

Here’s the bottom line — for these speakers to refer you, you need to be listed in the Referrals Registry!

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And that’s it! Whether you want to market yourself to the people who hire speakers (Finders Speakers), position yourself as the authority in your field (QuIPSS), sell your products and services to your fellow professionals (Stuff 4 Speakers), or be referred to people who are looking for a speaker (The Referrals Registry), Pro Speaker You is here to help!

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