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About QuIPSS

Be Known as THE Authority in Your Field!


Quotations, Information Points, Soundbites and Snippets from the Thought Leaders of Today (Like YOU)!

Professional speakers need to be seen as the premier influencer in their field, and QuIPSS is the best way to do it!
Here’s why —

Be known as THE authority in your field

QuIPSS (Quotations, Information Points, Soundbites, and Snippets) is a collection of the insights of today’s movers and shakers. This means that you can position yourself as the authority in your field by listing your own “words of wisdom” in QuIPSS.

But QuIPSS is not just a database of quotations — there’s so much more to QuIPSS, such as:

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Let’s face it, the Internet is already filled with databases of quotations. Unfortunately, most of the databases specialize in dead people, such as Socrates, Washington, or Elvis (admittedly, The King’s death is debatable).

To make matters worse, dead people usually don’t talk about today’s issues and challenges. (Contrary to many rumors, Lincoln did not have a strong opinion about the Artificial Intelligence.)

But QuIPSS is a compendium of insights about today’s world, offering ideas by today’s great leaders and thinkers… like you!

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It’s great that you can express your ideas in small, easy-to-digest soundbites. But you’ve got more to say than that!

That’s why each quotation in QuIPSS links to a full-page elaboration of the idea. On this page you can explain your idea in greater depth, and you can also tell people more about you (which, let’s face it, is what you really want). And you’re not limited to text — you can have images, videos, and even links to other resources (like your website).

Do you want interested people to get in touch with you? You can even include an email-free contact form on your followup page!

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Do you ever say something, and later wish you’d said it differently? Or maybe even retract it completely?

With QuIPSS, you have complete control over your QuIPSS ideas and soundbites. Change them – even replace them entirely – whenever you want, as many times as you want.

After all, they’re your words – you should be able to control them!

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As you can see, QuIPSS is a powerful positioning tool that you need to be using so that people will perceive you as the quotable authority

Here are a few of the Quotations, Information Points, Soundbites, and Snippets that are in QuIPSS right now!

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