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Say YES to Your Clients

Success is never having to say "NO!" to a client

Referrals Registry

Everyone wins when speakers refer other speakers!

Let’s face it — it’s poor business practice to say “no” to a client or prospect. But there are a number of reasons why a speaker might not be able to accept or perform a speaking engagement:

  • Scheduling — Perhaps the most common reason is that the speaker just isn’t available when the client needs them.
  • Budgeting — Or maybe they are available, but they can’t accommodate the client because they’re not in their budget.
  • Weather or illness — Maybe they have a speaking engagement already scheduled, but they can’t do it because of illness, inclement weather, or other unforeseen problems.
  • They’re not the best choice — They hate to admit it, but they’re simply not the best speaker to meet the client’s needs. (Experienced speakers understand this fundamental business truth: What’s worse than telling a client “no”? Telling them “yes”, and then doing a poor job. Your reputation may never recover!)

These are just some of the reasons why a speaker might not accept a speaking engagement. On the other hand, they hate to tell a client “no”. So what’s their alternative?

That’s easy! Just find a replacement speaker who can meet their client’s needs! But that raises a new question — where can they find a suitable speaker to refer?

That’s where PSY’s Referrals Registry comes to the rescue. Qualified Pro Speaker You members who wish to be referred list their details in the Registry, and the next time someone needs a replacement speaker, they choose from the best of the best!

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Pro Speaker You’s Referrals Registry benefits speaking professionals and their clients in two major ways —

When you can’t meet your client’s needs (for whatever reason) and you refer them to a speaker who does, your client is happy, the other speaker is happy, and you’re happy because you helped your client without saying “no”.

Everybody wins!

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Frankly, this is a no-brainer. Establishing a working relationship with a fellow speaker so that they can refer you with confidence — that’s quite possibly the easiest form of marketing you can do.

And with PSY’s Referrals Registry, it’s easy — just fill out the referral information, and when another speaker feels that you would be a good match for their client’s needs, you get recommended!

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The Referrals Registry is a valuable benefit of most membership levels in Pro Speaker You.

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