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About Finders Speakers
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Find Your Special Speaker with Finders Speakers!

When you need a special speaker, a speaker who’ll make your next event a special event, Finders Speakers is here to help.

You can search for speakers and trainers by topic or specialty (text search), or if you want to save on travel costs, you can find the speakers who are close to your event (location search).

  • To use text search, just enter the name of the speaker, the topic that you’re interested in, the type of program (keynote, training, etc.) that you need, or pretty much any other word or phrase. Finders Speakers will find all the speakers who match your search criteria.
  • To use location search, just enter the address of your event (a postal code is frequently sufficient), and Finders Speakers will display all the speakers who are close to your event!

Finders Keepers

When you find more than one speaker who you want to consider, use Finders Speakers’ Keepers to keep them organized. It’s easy! Every speaker’s entry has a “Keeper” button — pressing the button marks the speaker as a ‘keeper’ (pressing it again de-selects the speaker). Your Finders Speakers home page automatically lists all the speakers you’ve chosen!

Finders Keepers is a free service of Finders Speakers (which itself is completely free to use).

(Important privacy note — All the search and keeper capabilities require cookies to function properly. Only that information needed by Pro Speaker You (the parent of Finders Speakers) to conduct the search / keeper activities is collected, and the information is not used or kept for any other purpose! You may clear your cookies at any time by clearing your browser’s history.)